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And You Can Quote Me On That! : Collected Columns 2018-2021

When he first began writing for the Epoch Times, and then Uncover DC, political columnist and pundit Brian Cates had no idea he was about to embark on a strange 5 year journey that still hasn’t reached it’s end.

Where the Spygate scandal will ultimately end, no one yet knows. But the ride to this point has been fascinating – and you can relive it by reading his columns from [the] early days of Spygate all the way up to the most recent developments in 2021.

He didn’t get everything right, but he did see a great many things before others did. Dedicated research pays off.

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Nobody Asked For My Opinion…But Here It Is Anyway! : Collected Columns [2012-2017]

Since launching his career as a political pundit in 2012, Brian Cates has opined on a variety of subjects. Here in this collection of his best columns you’ll find a variety of issues and events explored and examined. You may not always agree with him, but will find his take on current events thought provoking and often original.

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Tex Randle: Brotherhood Of the Gun

William Raymond ‘Tex’ Randle aspired to be the West’s deadliest gunfighter. Little did he know what fate had in store for him in the mining boom town of Yalta, California. Through an unfortunate incident he ends up at the mercy of the wife & daughter of one of his former victims. Confronted by their Christian love for even a man like him, Tex is confused & confounded at every turn. In the end, he has to take a stand – and try to stop the range war that drew him to Yalta in the first place!

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