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Brian’s Ideas

The following designs are just designs I’ve taken from your current POD store and improved on them somewhat.

I did another version of this turning Biden into a clown!

Andy’s Ideas

The following are my own designs. Most of them are completely original except one (the one about $1.79 gas was inspired by a design I saw on Etsy). I think some of them need improving a bit before I’d want to sell them.

The following idea was inspired by something I think you said awhile back. That we are the storm.

Not sure if I like the next one. It was just an idea I was playing around with.

Unvaccinated Lives Matter

The following designs I made back in January this year for a little project I started that never really took off. I’d probably want to improve some of these and also remove the unvaccinated lives logo I made, but you’d be welcome to use any of these if you like any of them. I think some of them are pretty cool.